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KBS Korea visited and interviewed Double-lin Valves

On Oct. 16, 2014, three journalist from KBS Korea paid a visit to Double-lin Valves. In the morning ,  the vice president Mr. Zhu Dailin was exclusively interviewed by the journalist from KBS . He patiently answered the questions in details concerned by the journalist.First, vice president Mr. Zhu Dailin introduced the development history since the company was established. He gave details about the business scope, concept, technology innovation, and brand promotion and also the short and long time development strategy and plans.

In the machining workshop, Mr. Zhu showed the customers the products specific machining on the CNC lathes and automatic lathes and illustrated the quality control flow. At the production spot, the visitors took very careful photograph on each production process. In the assembly workshop, the visitors watched the full automatic assembly machine and assembly line. They were very surprised to see the automatic production.

After the visit, the customers were very impressed by our company and decided to make this visit as an elaborate program to be  shown on Korean television. Finally, the visitors and Mr. Zhu Dailin, together with the accompanying persons took a photo in front of the gate of the company.