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Mr. Qian Jingfen, vice chairman of the ministry of commerce CCCMC, came to Double-lin Valves ...

On August 6th, Mr. Qian Jingfen, vice chairman of  the ministry of commerce CCCMC,  came to Double-lin Valves during his Zhejiang investigation route to Yuhuan sea island, the City of Valve. Double-lin Valves is the key

Mr. Lin Hailin together with the vice president Zhu Dailin, showed the visitos around the factory and introduced in details on Double-lin ‘s model in persisting in its own brand promotion and industry updating.


President lin explained to the visitors that Double-lin has been persisting in our own brand promotion for more than 10  years. So far Double-lin brand prodcuts have been distributed to more than 80 countries all over the world with regional agents. With the support from leaders from all levels, especially the policy support from CCCMC, Double-lin Valves has achieved great success in brand building. President lin said that HVAC products of Double-lin have been launched on the market step by step. For the 2 years research and study, our HVAC project are carried out against the advanced heating technology in technology content and quality level.


Mr. Lin said that we purchased some parts from Europe and I led our team to visit those factories. We use their product and equipment, but they must teach us how to do do. When we learn it completely, we absorb it and combine it with domestic industry to make full use of it.

Illustration: The vice chairman of  the ministry of commerce CCCMC,  Mr. Qian and Mr. Lin took a photo in front of the displaying wall of HVAC . He wish great success of Double-lin HVAC project.

Illustration:Customers are visiting the workshop of Double-lin Valves.

Illustration:Mr Qian together with other customers are visiting the showing room of Double-lin Valves.


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