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The county magistrate Mr Lin Xianhua, hole a conference on industry economy of Ganjiang town at Zhejiang Double-lin Valves Co., LTD.

On the morning of August 27th, the county magistrate Mr Lin Xianhua, together with the deputy secretary of Yuhuan, led the responsible persons to investigate the industry economy development of Ganjiang Town. And a forum was hold in Double-lin Valves.

Illustration: Mr. Lin Hailin, the president of Double-lin Valves reported the construction structure of the 2nd  phase of Double-lin factory, which covers an area of 20 acre, 16000 square meters.  At the moment it is under tight construction with top floor finished.

Illustration:Mr. Lin Xianhua delivered a speech at the forum
Mayor Lin said that viewing the current great pressure on the downward economy situation, all the sections must focus on economy development, take industry as priorities among priorities. With tangible measures,focusing  on help the industry and assist the enterprises, try to help the enterpries out of difficulty and problems. We must try to build a good development environment  for enterprises, and promote the industrial economy rebound to increase from decrease.

Illustration: Mr. Lin Hailin , the president of Double-lin Valves reported the development experience of Double-lin Valves.

President Lin Hailin said that under the great pressure of macro economy downward, on the fist half year of 2015, Double-lin can still keep 10% growth. This has benefited from our three policies long implemented. First ,stick to our own brand. Second, persist in industry upgrade and new product development. Third, walk on two legs, keep exploring domestic and international markets simultaneously.

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