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On the first day of Canton Fair, Double-lin valves attracted the sight of the media

On Oct. 15, the 118th Canton Fair was open, this is the 21st time that Double-lin Valves attended the Canton fair. The latest news reported from the colleagues taking part in the fair at the first line is that Double-lin Valves’ booth had been visited by heavy weight class media for news report. Our booth No.  is Area B 11.2 A13-14,B11-12。


Double-lin Valves has bee selected as the example of interviewee at the Canton by Zhejiang Satellite TV at the Canton fair since the 115th fair. They delivery live report on Double-lin Valves booth from visitors flow rate, trading volume, to details in following up the clients. This year with the background of industry recession and great downward pressure on economy growth,however, Double-lin Valves is able to keep considerable increase, which deeply impressed the journalist.

Illustration: At the booth, the journalist from Zhejiang Satellite TV interviews the clients from Turkey.

Illustration:At the booth, the journalist from Zhejiang Satellite TV interviews the clients from Turkey.

 The county magistrate Mr Lin Xianhua, together with the deputy secretary of Yuhuan asked for information about the fair. Reporters from Yuhuan TV followed the interview.

Illustration:Mr Lin Xianhua inspected the booth of Double-lin Valves.


Illustration:Attention, the president Mr. Linhai lin is describing the layout plan of Double-lin Valves to the journalists.

Yesterday, the day before the fair open, the journalist from Ta Kung Pao HK came to interview when the booth was well prepared.


Illustration:The journalist is interviewing the Manager of Foreign Trade Department of Double-lin Valves.


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