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Double-lin , the roda of honor we have walked through together.

Enterprise honor:  2010:《China Urban Gas Association Member Certificate 》《Countys first love people》"

2013:《2013 Top ten enterprises of Ganjiang Town》、《2013 Taizhou Quality Pioneer》、《2013 Safety production standardization enterprises level three》、《Taizhou famous brand products》、《Good performance enterprises on standardization》、《Excellent enterprise union in establishing harmonious labor relations of Yuhuan in 2013》、《2011 Dragon Enterprises of Yuhuan》

2014: 《 First session Radiant heating and cooling committee member units 》、《Taizhou high technology R&D center 》、《Taizhou new hi-technology enterprise》、《Yuhuan quality association member》、《Taizhou quality association member》、《Zhejiang excellent private enterprise》、《China famous brand》

Senate: Yuhuan Valve Industry Association Release—— Q/331021LM  Yuhuan County Enterprise Alliance Standards (Forged Copper Alloy Thread Connecting Ball Valves)

Personal honor of Mr. Lin Hailin: 

《Yuhuan first session outstanding Chinese characteristics socialist cause constructer》、《Yuhuan the first session caring citizen》


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