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Zhejiang Double-Lin Valve promote traditional virtues of helping the poor, and actively promote the development of philanthropy! Concerned with social welfare, social care of vulnerable groups! Carry forward the spirit of mutual help accelerate the process of social welfare! Generosity, love and dedication, efforts to build a social security system! Charity is the humanitarian charity, is a sign of social civilization and progress! Donate a love, a dedication of the truth! 
Jointly set up a charity bridge, building a civilized and peaceful, beautiful and warm beautiful community! Charity is sincere concern people, it is heart to heart selfless dedication! Mobilize the whole society, the full implementation of welfare facilities, Fuming, walkers, schools, and other five major charitable projects predicament! You and I hand in hand, jointly carry out the "elderly, help the young, student, poor and needy" charity event! Charity warmth, love offering social! Philanthropy actors, when love dedication communicators! Draught wells forget who forget the big benefactor of future generations!

National brand declaration
Double-Lin has become a famous international brand of forest, the Chinese people are independent of the copper valve.
Cherish the environment
Double-Lin insists
Corporate civic responsibility
Double-Lin valve is the most fundamental social responsibility, is on the basis of the law, the business bigger, stronger, better, for the community to create more wealth, to create more value for customers, and promote social development.
Caring student
Double-Lin company to help needy families with children to complete their studies, participate in caring student.
Charity Case
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