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DOUBLE-LIN, which was established in 2000 in China, is a manufacturing company for global market.It is located in Yuhuan Island(the southeast coast of Zhejiang Province, China) which is the main manufacturing base of China. DOUBLE-LIN products with self-owned brand are widely distributed to more than 100 countries and regions, and Chinese domestic market. Chairman Mr.Lin Hailin adopts strategic adjustment of industrial layout,the business scope is integrated into a comprehensive solution provider, including four major areas such as public buildings and household water control system, public buildings and home heating system, transportation and use of gas safety system, family bathroom hardware solutions , covering nearly 10,000 kinds of products and specifications.






DOUBLE-LIN always holds to its original entrepreneurship, adheres to producing durable products to meet customers’ demand and achieve a safe and comfortable user experience. The product quality confirms to the most strict international standard, and ensures to meet the requirements of high quality, technical innovation and high-tech. For technological process, we insist on continuous improvement, realize automation and modernization of production. The key parts are imported from Europe, and main automatic equipments are also imported from Europe.


DOUBLE-LIN promise that its products are globally consistent .Regardless of China ,North America , European Union ,Middle East,Far East, Asia-Pacific area and so on ,it keeps the same strict product production and inspection standards. DOUBLE-LIN promotes its products sales both in the global market and Chinese domestic market by sole agent and chain stores. With the belief and principle "integrity, win-win" to well balance the mutual benefit between DOUBLE-LIN company and its customers, so far DOUBLE-LIN has targeted general agents in more than 100 countries all over the world .There are more than 40 provincial or city agents in Chinese mainlands.


With 59 patent achievements, DOUBLE-LIN has a complete and considerable protection on intellectual property. The trademark is also registered in more than 90 individual countries, where intellectual property is legally protected by the commodities importing countries. In China, trademark of 45 general catagories are registered. DOUBLE-LIN has a strong bond with Yuhuan and local resident as Yuhuan is where the company opened its history and created wealth. People in DOUBLE-LIN are devoted to leaning manufacturing,products R&D, training designers, and building perfect ltesting labs, sales and after-service. The culture of "DOUBLE-LIN Family" is developed where staff, suppliers and customers participate in. This family culture is the power and source to push DOUBLE-LIN in stable and healthy development.


DOUBLE-LIN, Worldwide Trusted!


*  Data of January,2017
This refers to the independent Customs territory, the DOUBLE-LIN trademark in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiw


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